Acoustic Glazing Partition/Window

FRR 60/60 to 120/120
STC 38/56/59/62 etc.
Indoor/ Outdoor

Ideal for areas where a greater sound insulation is required including but not limited to office, meeting room, cinemas, hospitals, audio studio, etc. to provide well-defined and segregated work areas from an acoustic and, if necessary, visual standpoints in a variety of styles and finishes.

IT 20-066  IT 20-068  IT 19-157  QT 20-172


– Glass 1pc ~13.52mm / cavity 0mm, approx. (STC38)
– Glass 2pc ~11.52mm/13.52mm / cavity 100mm, approx. (STC59)
– Glass 3pc ~11.52mm/15mm/13.52mm / cavity 50 + 50 mm, approx. (STC59)
– Glazed partition only (thickness:140mm) (STC56)
– Glazed partition (thickness:50mm) + glazed door(thickness:27mm) (STC43)
– Glazed partition(thickness:140mm) + insulating-glass glazed door (STC48)
– Insulating-glass glazed partition(thickness:140mm) + acoustic glazed door (STC53)
  (thickness:27mm+27mm) with finishes
– Glazed partition (thickness:140mm) + automatic sliding glazed door (STC44)
– Glazed Door (glass thickness: 40mm), glazed window: 20mm (STC45)
– F12mm R14mm􀁤142mm Laminated glass (No pillar and interface inside ) (STC56)
– Laminated glass (No pillar and interface inside, thickness: front 12mm, (STC62)
  space 50mm, back15mm )


– Glass thickness: Minimum 13.52mm, approx.


– Glass Frame is made by metal which size can be custom to fulfill various condition
– Frame thickness: Minimum 145 mm, approx.


– Paint
– Laminate
– Metal panel

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